190 visa: NSW to stop inviting migrants from other states

December 1, 2019 no comment kartik

But not all hopes are lost as New South Wales has left room for interpretation, says migration experts.


New South Wales has opened its skilled Nominated Visa (190) program for 2019-20 and has said it will not generally invite the candidates currently residing in other Australian states or territory.

statement released by the state government says, “Commencing January 2020, NSW will generally not invite candidates to apply for nomination by NSW for a Skilled Nominated Visa (190) if they are currently residing in another Australian state or territory.”

“This approach aims to preserve the program integrity of other Australian states and territories and deliver stronger program outcomes for NSW.”

This development could be disappointing for many, as NSW has often been an option for applicants living in other states.

“The recent changes announced by NSW have left many disappointed. NSW was one state that was very attractive for many due to comparatively easier requirements to obtain the state nomination. This change means it will get more difficult.”

However, the state has not shut the doors on migrants from other states completely.

NSW may vary this approach depending on the size and composition of the pool of candidates who have lodged an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect.

The wording of the announcement has left room for interpretation.

They have used the words ‘will generally not invite’. It could be interpreted a bit differently as it would be increasingly difficult to obtain state nomination for more popular occupations unless it is in shortage and NSW does not have enough people in those trades.

The department has not said anything about new regional 491 visa.

This again looks like the regional push policy

The Skilled Nominated Visa (190 visa) is a permanent visa for eligible highly skilled workers to help meet skill needs in NSW.

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