A plan to move unemployed migrants to country Victoria

October 9, 2019 no comment kartik

A plan has been unveiled to help 50 migrant families find jobs, homes and networks in regional Victoria over the next couple of years, while boosting small rural population numbers. The refugee settlement agency AMES Australia wants unemployed refugees to find work in regional locations but other agencies are warning strong support is needed to make the scheme work.


Regional Cities has previously stressed that infrastructure investment is needed to maintain living standards while also warning migration programs must co-exist with reliable rail and roads in local communities.

Earlier this year, the federal government announced almost $20 million to help attract skilled migrants to regional areas, giving those who want to work regionally, priority VISA processing.

Another state agency, Rural Councils Victoria has previously said it supports VISA changes and business proposals to encourage migration to regional areas.

The Prime Minister also introduced two new regional visas for skilled workers requiring them to live and work in regional Australia for three years before being able to access permanent residence.

23,000 places will be set aside for these regional visas. But the Settlement Council of Australia’s Tammy Wollfs says there need to be long-term employment options within a welcoming community.

Source:SBS Punjabi


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