Australian PR pathways in 2020

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Are you planning to apply for Australian PR in 2020? Let’s see what are the possible routes to Permanent residency next year.

If you are wondering which is the easiest way to get a PR in Australia, then there is no one answer. It will depend on which immigration program you qualify for. Every immigration program in Australia has its own set of eligibility parameters that you need to meet. 

Also, every immigration program in Australia has a fixed number of visa places allotted to it by the Australian Govt. The number of permanent visa places has been reduced from 190,000 to 160,000 by the Govt. 

Here are the visa places allotted to skilled immigration programs in 2019-2020: 

Skilled Visas  Allotted visa places 
Subclass 186 (Employer Nomination Scheme)  30,000 
Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent )  16,652 
Subclass 491 (Skilled Regional Provisional)  15,000 
Subclass 494 (Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Provisional)  10,000 
Subclass 190 (State/Territory Nominated)  24,968 
Distinguished Talent  200 
Global Talent  5,000 
Skilled Program (Total places)  108,682 (69.5%) 
Family and Other visas (Total places)  51,318 (30.5%) 

It is quite evident from the above table that the maximum visa places have been allotted to the Skilled Migration Program.

Among the skilled visa programs, the Employer Nomination Scheme gets the most visa places. That is because immigrants who are sponsored by employers have a higher potential of bringing in the desired results. The ENS tries to address the skill shortages in Australia by matching the jobs to skilled immigrants who have the desired skills and work experience. 

If you apply for a PR under the Skilled Migration Program, you have a greater chance of getting the same as there are more visa places allotted. However, you must meet the eligibility criteria of the Skilled Migration Programs. 

If you have a tech background, you may also apply under the Global Talent Scheme (GTS). The GTS focuses on bringing in skilled tech workers to address the needs of the future-focussed industries in Australia. The Australian Govt. plans to offer the provision of PR under the GTS to attract the best and the brightest of skilled migrants in the world. 

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