How to Write Statement of Purpose for Australia Student Visa?

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Statement of Purpose, shortly known as SoP, is one of the primary documents that you’ll need to provide when looking for a student visa to Australia. It goes as a letter to prove that you are a genuine temporary entrant in Australia and are there for the primary motive of education only. The SoP can be divided into paragraphs providing a description and supportive statements as to why you should be granted student visa to Australia.

The Statement of Purpose should, but not necessarily, contain information (or answers to) in a good, clear paragraph-wise format pertaining to the following:

Basic Introduction

This section should contain a basic introduction about you as a student and how you have been throughout studies. This may include your strengths and crux of your student life. It can also include your interests, hobbies, achievements, etc.

Why Choose Australia Over Home Country for Higher Education?

This section should describe as to why you wish to choose Australia over your home country for your higher education. If you belong to a developing country, you can always mention that your home country lacks quality education and has dearth of quality education providers. All in all, your reason to study in Australia must seem genuine.

Why Particular College or University?

As the name itself suggests, this section should contain information on your reason to choose a particular educational institution. It may be possible that certain institutes suit your pocket or are the only providers for the course you wish to take.

Why Particular Course?

Obviously, here you need to mention the reason to take your chosen educational program. It is always suggested that you choose the educational program in line with your educational background, which makes your application seem far more genuine and makes the authorities believe that you are not a course-hopper.

What are Your Future Goals?

This is a very important section and should be paid attention to. Authorities may deny visa to students who do not have any goal in life. So, make sure you answer this genuinely and have your future goals in conjunction with your education.

Family Ties and Financial Health

Authorities also need to know about your family ties and financial health, and you must mention it all very clearly. You can mention that you have strong family ties and have been visiting them on a regular basis in the past. You can give an overall picture of your financial health, which obviously could also be ascertained by the course and provider you choose.

You’ll Go Back!

Yes, you must convince the authorities that you are in Australia for the purpose of education only and do not have any intention to stay in this country permanently. However, most of the international students come to Australia with the intention to be a permanent resident, but this should NEVER be disclosed in your Statement of Purpose.

Though you can write an excellent SoP on your own, you can always take assistance from your education and migration agent; We’ll be able to provide you with the do’s and don’ts of it.

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