No review of parents visa fees says Immigration Minister

May 9, 2019 no comment kartik

Immigration minister Mr David Coleman says there is no plan to review the fee structure for parents visas.

Immigration Minister David Coleman says the government thinks the settings put in place for the sponsored parents visa are appropriate.

“It is a sponsored visa which means that families are required to sponsor the parents and the fees and the health care cost and so on. That we think this is appropriate. This is a significant reform.”

The federal government has introduced a new temporary visitor visa for parents of migrants living in Australia. However, many migrants have expressed their concerns over the high fees of this visa.

The cost of the visa, which will be $5,000 for three years and $10,000 for five years, was designed after public consultation, according to the Department of Home Affairs.

Only those migrants with a taxable income of just over $83,450.00 will be able to sponsor their parents for the new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa.

“This visa is discriminatory,” says Jasvinder Sidhu, a Melbourne-based community leader.

“Many migrants won’t be able to afford the high fees of this visa. The conditions are already harsher in this visa as compare to normal visitor visa. One has to have health insurance for this visa. It is an actively discriminatory visa against migrants,” says Mr Sidhu.

Labor has announced plans to revise the 15,000-place cap to an unspecified “demand-driven” number and allow families to bring both sets of parents to Australia.

The cost will also be reduced, from $5,000 for a three-year visa to $1,250 and from $10,000 for a five-year visa to $2,500.

“Many elderly parents want to reunite with their families but have to travel to Australia as tourists – proving costly, frustrating, disruptive and exhausting as they ferry between countries,” Labor leader Bill Shorten said last month.

However, Mr Coleman is firm that their visa program is the best.

“It is important that all of the cost, the health care and so on is covered because that is the way we run a sensible immigration program,” he said.

“The opposition policy of completely unlimited visa is not a sensible way of running an immigration program because as you know in other categories of the program, we have numbers whether it is a humanitarian program or skilled program,” Mr Coleman told

(News source: SBS news)


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