Family Visa

Family Visa

Australia has always recognised the need for a family to be together always. With its policies, it also supports dependent family members who wish to migrate to Australia under the family migration scheme. This scheme allows the eligible family members and close relatives to join their family in Australia, on permanent or temporary basis. The family visas contribute to almost 1/3rd of the total visas distributed per year by the government. Nonetheless, the applicant and the sponsor are required to meet the eligibility criteria, depending on the visa the applicant qualifies for.

Alternatively, there are several visa options to make it easier for you to bring the family to Australia. You can bring the family along on dependent visa, if you are migrating to the continent. In the other cases, you can sponsor children/partners/parents/fiancés to join you in Australia if you are an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for the Family Visa?

The visas under family stream facilitate the reunion of Australian citizens, a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen with their family members. The sponsor is required to support the applicant for up to 2 years, provide a written undertaking or provide an AoS (Assurance of Support). Additionally, the applicant needs to meet the eligibility criteria set for the visa applied for, including balance-of-family test, biometric identification, health and character eligibility.

  1. Partner – Fiancé, spouses, de-facto or same-sex partners
  2. Child – Dependent children
  3. Parent – Aged Parent (Residence) and Parent (Migrant)
  4. Others – Aged dependent relatives, remaining relatives and carers

Family Sponsored Visas Generally Include:

  1. Child Visa (Permanent, subclass 101)
  2. Parent Visa (Permanent, subclass 103)
  3. Contributory Parent (Temporary, subclass 173)
  4. Contributory Parent (Permanent, subclass 143)
  5. Aged Parent (Permanent, subclass 804)
  6. Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary, subclass 884)
  7. Contributory Aged Parent (Permanent, subclass 864)

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