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NAATI stands for National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, which is a government organization. CCL stands for Credentialed Community Language, which is an interpretation test. It is an assessment of your language abilities at a community level. This test is taken by the candidates who are looking to apply for an Australian point-based visa application. This test assists them to add five bonus points to their application but only after successful completion.

Test Format

NAATI CCL test is the criterion to accesses the expertise of candidate for conveying the meaning of English Language conversation to a Language other than English (LOTE) and on the other way round. The test will be having a recording with two dialogues. Each dialogue represents a conversation between a native English speaker with a native Language Other Than English speaker. Each dialogue consisting of 300 words, about half in English and half in LOTE. Further, these dialogues are divided into segments of 35 words maximum.

Overall time allotted time for this test is 20 minutes.

At Last, NAATI will give you the result of your test through the mail in about 8-10 weeks of the test.

Marking Criteria

The two dialogues in CCL test are 45 marks each. As a successful candidate, the passing marks are minimum 29 in each dialogue and with 63 out of 90 overall.

The test result will be given in three forms depending on the scores achieved. First, PASS with 63 marks or higher, Second, Marginal Fail with marks between 55 and 62.5 and last, Clear Fail with marks less than 55.

All the marks mentioned above will be out of 90.

It is important to have to pass for each of two dialogues i.e. 29 marks individually, as failing to do so will result in Clear Fail even if the candidate has scored 63 or above overall.

NAATI CCL Test Evaluation

The test evaluates the ability of applicant for conveying the meaning of the dialogue in English and LOTE (Language Other Than English). The two factors that contribute to the test evaluation are as follows:

Language Quality:- This determines the applicant’s proficiency in English language and LOTE.


Language Register:- This determines the applicant’s level of formality with which the meaning is conveyed.

This test is conducted by at least two examiners. They will be assessing the applicant’s performance on criteria using Deductive Marking System. The common errors are:

Accuracy of the content, Misrepresentation of the content, Omissions in content and Insertions in the content.

Online Coaching

English ↔ Hindi

Hindi is an extensively used language and acknowledged as one of the LOTE (Language Other Than English) for Credentialed Community Language (CCL) Assessment Test.

For Hindi NAATI CCL Test, an applicant has to demonstrate the prominent skills in both English as well as Hindi language.

NAATI Hindi classes are conducted online and you can learn and practice with resourceful material. You will get to learn many strategies and tips to get successful results for the test.

English ↔ Punjabi

Punjabi is now vastly spoken language in Australia and is in the list CCL (Credentialed Community Language). For Punjabi CCL Assessment Test, a candidate has to prove equivalent capability in both the languages – English as well as Punjabi.

NAATI Punjabi classes are conducted online you can learn and practice with resourceful material. You will get to learn many strategies and tips to get successful results for the test.

At CECA, practice is done with dialogues using real-exam questions.

English ↔ Nepali

Nepali language is also in the list of Credentialed Community Language as it is vastly growing Asian Language in Australia. In the Nepali CCL assessment test, an applicant is supposed to convey the same information spoken by speakers in English as well as in the Nepali language.

For Nepali CCL Test, the practice materials provided will enhance your score. The material provided is immensely resourceful and will provide you with the format of the actual test. The practice consists of dialogues in English and Nepali languages as the real-like exam.


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