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Parents Visa for Australia | Parent Visa (SUBCLASS 143 OR 173) - Ceca

Parent Visa

Parent Visa

A general question most of us ask is ‘How can I bring my parents to Australia?’. Look no further than CECA, registered and reliable migration agents in Australia. We have all the updated knowledge of the government provisions and parent visa processes, ensuring that your parents have a hassle-free experience. Applicant’s parents can migrate to Australia using our parent visa services, if their child is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen.

Categories of Parent Visa:

Depending on the situation, the parent visa can be availed under the following,

  • Offshore application – Parent Visa (Subclass 143 or 173)
  • Onshore applications – Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804) and Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 864)

Parent Visa (Subclass 143 or 173) – Offshore Application:

  • Age of the parent should be under 65 years
  • Applicants should meet the ‘Balance of family’ test
  • Affordability to make a non-refundable deposit to the Government of Australia per migrating parent
  • Visa processing time of approximately 24 months or more
  • Parents should pass the authorised health and police checks

On the contrary, the onshore applications need the parents to be 65 years or above. These applicants can enter Australia on a visitor or tourist visa without the ‘No Further Stay’ condition. The parents can apply for the valid parent visa whilst in Australia.

Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804) – Onshore Application:

Known for its long processing time, over 25 years, this visa allows the parents to live in Australia till the decision is pending. These parent applicants hold Bridging Visa A and should apply for Bridging Visa B if they want to temporarily depart from Australia.

Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 864) – Onshore Application:

This is a permanent visa, allowing the parent to,

  • Stay indefinitely in Australia or apply for citizenship
  • Study or work in Australia
  • Enrol in Medicare Australia
  • Sponsor eligible family members for permanent residency
  • Travel to and from Australia upto 5 years from the date the visa was granted

To determine the eligibility for a parent visa in Australia, please contact CECA. We ensure a hassle-free experience for you and your parents.

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