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Australian Protection Visa (Subclass 866) - CECA

Protection Visa 866

Protection Visa 866

This is the most suitable visa option if you are in Australia and engaged in protection obligations. The Protection Visa 866 is for individuals who didn’t arrive in Australia illegally through an unauthorised maritime or air travel. This is a permanent visa option, allowing applicants to live and work in Australia as permanent residents, also having access to Centrelink and Medicare services.

Furthermore, under this visa application, the applicant or the eligible family members should be in Australia during the application of the Protection Visa 866. At CECA, we have updated knowledge of the current processes and reforms under this visa stream, making it easier for the applicants to have a hassle-free experience.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant is a refugee, as defined by the convention
  • Applicant has evidence to meet the Complementary Protection criteria under Australian Migration Act 1958
  • Applicant has arrived in Australia on a valid visa
  • Applicant is appealing for the protection
  • Applicant is not barricaded from applying for a Protection Visa
  • Applicant proves that the purpose of getting this visa is in national interest
  • Applicant meets the character and health requirements

Who Are Considered Refugees?

As defined by the Refugees Convention, refugees are individuals who can not return to their home country. This situation is observed due to well-found fear of persecution by factors related to race, religion, political opinion, nationality and membership of a social group. These refugees can avail complementary protection in Australia, if there is a serious risk to them if they return to their native country. The significant harm includes,

  • A death penalty
  • An arbitrary deprivation of life
  • Fear of cruel or inhumane treatment
  • Torture or degrading punishment

Benefits of the Protection Visa:

The Protection Visa 866 allows the applicants, their partner (married or de facto), dependent children or other dependent relatives to stay in Australia permanently. Moreover, if the applicant isn’t under immigration detention, they are granted bridging visa till their Protection Visa is being processed.

The Protection Visa has a processing time of 90 days, from the date of lodgement. For assistance and expert guidance related to visa services, look no further than CECA. We ensure a hassle-free visa experience to all our clients.

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