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Study in United Kingdom

Study in United Kingdom

A Glimpse into UK

UK is one of the richest countries in the world, in terms of per capita income as well as tradition. For years now UK is one of the most popular destinations for quality education, essentially one of the first countries to establish the concept of higher education. UK is a busy and densely populated country yet has beautiful countryside which keeps you connected to nature. And since it is politically a very stable country there is a strong sense of security and the racial tolerance they support offers a peaceful habitat of students from all over the world.

Famous cities like London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Belfast, Plymouth, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester are important seats of commerce and have high employment opportunities.

Reasons for Popularity of Education in UK

Over the years the country has emerged as one of the prime locations for high quality studies. The rich educational system offers wholesome knowledge in a vast number of courses. The wide variety of courses include programs like Masters in Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Business Administration, Arts & Literature which are still very popular.

UK still boasts of some of the most reputed educational institutes in the world like Oxford, Cambridge etc. These institutes still hold a lot of merit and pulls students from all over the world for a degree from them. As poof of the high standard of education, UK houses some of the best scientists and the most respected noble laureates of the world.

UK Educational System

UK offers a wide array of courses in different fields for specialization which ensures that students more often than not find the course they want to study, in UK. The ambitions of the students are thus never thwarted for the lack of opportunities as there are plenty. And since no university charges any application fees, it gives student from all over the world to apply to many universities at once which gives them more options.

The qualifications the UK universities ask for are usually excellent academic records as well as good scores on IELTS for admissions in any course. Admissions usually start in September though a few take admissions in Jan/Feb as well. Once admitted the student is exposed to modern technique of teaching with the entire essentials one would need which ensures that the student will gain a wholesome education and find success after the end of their course.

Student Visa

The UK Visa process is one of the easiest one today. Students who are not taking their family along with them do not need to show the funds for family however their personal expenditure funds need to be shown. Backlogs are not an issue for Visa grant but the percentage matters and must meet their standards. Students have the permission to work up to 20 hours on working days to earn some cash, while on holidays they can work full time. Accommodation within the University grounds or somewhere close by is guaranteed, at least for the first year of the course.

Visa for UK:

Before applying for a student’s visa, you must get an acceptance letter from a recognised university. Thereafter student is required to fill up a visa application form in person (VAF3). The important documents he needs to submit are as follows:

  • Passport or travel document
  • A recent passport-sized colour photograph with a light background
  • The visa fee
  • Other supporting documents relevant to one’s application like academic documents, the letter of acceptance from the University, evidence of sponsorship (if any), bank statements and pay slips etc.

After the submission of all the required documents, an entry clearance officer would decide on clearing the papers for visa approval or if need be may call for an interview. On receiving the visa, it is advised to check for one’s personal details, date of travel and the purpose of travel. In case of errors the visa office should be immediately informed for corrections.

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