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Visitor Visa Australia (SUBCLASS 600) | Australian Tourist Visa - Ceca

Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Being a popular immigration destination, Australia attracts visitors for travel, vacation, recreation, social endeavours, informal study, medical treatments, business meeting and more. Whatever the reason for travel maybe, visiting the continent needs a valid visitors visa from the Australian authorities. At CECA, our consultants assess your profile and support you with the overall migration process, adhering to the standard guidelines declared by the government authorities.


Australia has everything to inspire travel amongst overseas migrants. With a highly diverse landscape and a great economy, the continent attracts a lot of visitors from across the world. There are many factors which make Australia visit-worthy every time and for everyone:

  • 12th largest economy in the world
  • Visionary leadership and transparent government policies
  • World’s most beautiful and livable cities, from Sydney to Gold Coast
  • Fantastic landscape and mesmerising wildlife
  • Well maintained and spectacular road networks
  • High standard of living and quality of life

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600):

This visa allows individuals to visit Australia for travelling, business meetings or for temporary stays with family/relatives. It is valid for three, six or 12 months. Getting a visitor visa has following 4 streams. We, at CECA assist the overseas migrants with all forms of visitor visas.

  • Tourist stream
  • Business visitor stream
  • Frequent traveller stream
  • Sponsored family stream
  • Approved destination status stream

Eligibility and Requisites:

  • Clear purpose of visit
  • Good health and moral conduct
  • Economic stability and sufficient funds to support the visit
  • Sponsorship, if applicable
  • Intentions to return before the visa is expired
  • No outstanding debts to the Australian government

The visitor visa gives many privileges for the visitors. It allows the overseas individuals to visit Australia for holidays, business, meeting the family, study for 3 months or even work as an unpaid volunteer. The experienced consultants at CECA help throughout the visa process in the most result-oriented manner. We guide you through the visa streams as per your needs and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Visiting Australia has never been so easier!

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