Seven Australian universities ranked among the top 100 globally

June 19, 2019 no comment kartik

Seven Australian universities are among the world’s top 100, with the Australian National University, leading the Aussies to come in 29th globally.

The University of Melbourne came in at 38, followed by the University of Sydney at 42 and the University of NSW at 43, the University of Queensland at 47, Monash University ranked at 58.

The University of Western Australia rounded out the Aussie institutions at 86.

The list ranks 1000 universities on a number of issues, including research performance, academic reputation, graduate employability, and staff to student ratio.

Globally, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology held the top spot for the eighth consecutive year.

Standford university came second globally, followed by Harvard and Oxford.

While Australian universities did well in regards to their international student ratios and academic reputation, they underperformed in their student to staff ratios, according to the figures.

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