Student Visa Process

Australia is one of the leading education destinations for international students. If you want more information about student visa and admission process in Australian universities, continue reading.

Attend a counselling session at any of the nearest branches of CECA. Our counsellor are experts in education sector with up-to-date knowledge about courses offered by various institutions. They will guide you through and help you find the most suitable options for your study destination, the best courses for you and recommended institutions.

Register with CECA to start the admission and visa process. Our consultants will guide you through different processes to ensure you get the best experience of studying overseas.

Once you are clear about the course you want to pursue and the college, we will help you apply at the institution of your choice and guide you through the admission procedure.

When you apply for admission at a university or college, you need to submit several documents including your previous education certificates, English language score, etc. CECA provides you a checklist detailing all the documents needed to apply not only for a student visa but also for admission purpose (see step 7 for more information).

In addition to this, when you submit your application through us, we will help you track the progress of your application and send automatic notifications to keep you updated about the status of your application.

When you accept the offer for admission from the institution of your choice, you need to pay the tuition fee within a given time-frame. Most of the Australian institutes ask for the first-semester fee only.

To pay your tuition fee, you can either choose Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Direct Debit (DD).

At CECA, we help you arrange payment method of your choice. Once the institution receives and processes your tuition fee, they will issue an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (ECoE). Once you get ECoE, you can start with the visa procedure.

To lodge your visa application, you need to provide various documents mentioned in the checklist (provided by CECA).  Just like in the case of your admission application, our consultants will keep you updated on the progress of your visa application. We will also help you track the application and stay in contact with the visa office on your behalf to make things easier for you.

After you have lodged the visa, you are required to undergo a medical examination by one of the doctors approved by the Australian Government within 28 days. You can see the list of the approved panel of doctors at


Once your medical examination is done, the doctor will forward your medical reports and documents directly to the visa office.

We will track your visa application and notify you as soon as we know the result of your visa application. In most cases, the visa outcome is positive. We will collect and send your grant letter. Once you get grant letter, you can start planning for your travel and accommodation in Australia.

At CECA, we aim to make your overseas study experience easier. We help you with your travel arrangements, by getting you air tickets, insurance and foreign exchange without any hassles.

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