Student Visa

This type of Visa is only for those travelling to Australia for higher education. Since Australia has grown to be popular destination for studies the requirement for this kind of Visa has grown substantially.

Visitor’s Visa

People who intend to visit Australia for a short time, up to 12 months, are eligible for this Visa. These are mainly issued to tourists who intend to holiday in the country or to visit a family member or friend.

Working Holiday Visa

For young people who wish to travel around Australia over a period of up to 12 months and engage in some light, part time employment can apply for this kind of Visa.

Family Visa

This type of Visa is issued for the family members of Australian Citizens or the permanent residents of the country. Since there are many different kinds of visas available like spouse, prospective marriage, interdependent partner, parent and child, there is lot of complications involved. We assist you in choosing the right visa category and also update you about the eligibility and the possibility of success in getting the required Visa.

Partner Visa

When an Australian resident enters into a long term relationship with a non resident it creates the need for a Visa to bring that partner to the country and make them a legal resident. The process is not an automatic one, an application needs to be made along with detailed evidence to prove that the relationship is indeed a committed and genuine one. Spouses, fiancés, as well as interdependent, i.e., same sex partner, are eligible for this type of Visa.

Migration Review Tribunal (MRT)

For those whose Visa has been rejected for some cause can apply to Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) for a review. Not all cancellations can be reviewed the departments decision maker would inform you if you are eligible for review. Usually under MRT jurisdiction, employer nominated can be reviewed. Also Refugee Visa sub class 200 can be reviewed by MRT if the Visa holder is already present in Australia at time of cancellation.

Skilled Visa

This type of Visa is issued to those people who are believed to have some exceptional talent or skill which in turn can contribute to the Australian economy, to fulfill the country’s own shortage of skilled resources. Permanent residence is offered to qualifying candidates. Exceptional University or trade qualification is the eligibility criteria for this kind of Visa.

Employer Nomination Scheme

This type of Visa is issued to those people who travel to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis to fulfill a specific work related requirement which cannot be met locally. Australian or overseas based employers often recruit skilled workers to work in Australia for a particular amount of time, permanently if needed, for very specific duties.

Refugee Visas

Since Australia is quite a peaceful country, many people sort to take refuge within the boundaries of the country. For this purpose, refugee visas are required if they want to stay there legally. To be granted the Permanent Protection Visa they need to fulfill the health, character and security requirements as per the Australian standards.

Business Skills Visa

This type of Visa is primarily for successful business people, who are beckoned to settle down in Australia so that they can make valuable contribution to Australian economy. Successful senior executives and investors are also eligible for this category of Visa.

Skilled Graduate Subclass 485

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa of Skilled Graduate Subclass 485 category is issued by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department to overseas students who fail to comply with standard GSM norms. Candidates issued with Subclass 485 visa may stay for a period of eighteen months to gain work experience, improve English language skills or both. Holders of GSM Skilled Graduate visa are permitted to apply for permanent residency in Australia subject to their passing of GSM test.

GSM Visa subclass 190

Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department offers GSM Visa subclass 190 to skilled workers and qualified professionals as nominated by territorial/ state governments of this country. Issuance of this visa is subject to acquiring a certain number of points in SkillSelect evaluation. Skilled nominated Australian Visa holders may settle and work anywhere within this country permanently with the condition to give their contribution of initial two year of period within the state they been sponsored by. Candidates applying for this immigration visa may include specified family members as secondary applicants.