When and how do elderly migrants become eligible for Aged Pension?

November 6, 2019 no comment kartik

Do you know at what age will your parents become eligible for a fortnightly aged pension in Australia? Did you know that citizenship isn’t an essential criterion – and parents can receive hundreds of dollars a week even if they have permanent residency?


Although the assessment is individualised, it is important that people who are permanent residents of Australia and are born on 1 July 1953 or after, apply to DHS to receive their aged pension 13 weeks before they turn 66.

As of 1 July 2019, the pensionable age is 66 both for men and women – if they are already getting a Centrelink benefit, they will receive a letter from DHS three months before they turn 66. But they are not receiving any benefit, it is their responsibility to contact DHS 13 weeks (or three months) before their 66th birthday.

The benefit amount can vary according to individual circumstances, but as an indication, singles can receive $926.20 or in the case of couples, each recipient can get $698.10 per fortnight. This also includes the pension supplement and energy supplement.

You must be in Australia when you apply for the benefit – you can’t just make the application and head off to India, or elsewhere overseas. The DHS database is linked with that of Home Affairs, and if the immigration records show that you’re not in the country, your application won’t be processed.

Also, people who have come to Australia on a sponsored parent visa program must have resided in the country for 10 years – including a continuous stay for five years – in Australia.

You only need to be a resident to be eligible, citizenship is not a necessary requirement. But please note, the aged pension is not available to parents coming to Australia on a visitor visa.



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