Why is Australian PR getting harder to get?

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Getting a PR in Australia has become difficult for aspirants these days. Numerous reasons and factors are responsible for increasing rigidness in the immigration system. The number of PR grants has been cut down by approximately 30,000 this year and is currently set to nearly 170,000 per year.

The immigrant population is rising rapidly, and they are working in different sectors. Even the local population has increased significantly taking prices of real estate to a great height, unemployment, and factors have got a hit.

The Department of Home Affairs has brought in more stringent policies that is making PR for Australia a little more difficult than before. So what are the reasons for this changed scenario
Introduction of New Policies
Many new visa policies have been introduced while the older ones have been either modified or scrapped. New visas for students, professionals, temporary residents, etc. have been introduced, making the overall scenario more stringent for PR seekers. The basic idea is to give greater opportunities (PR) to more valuable resources (people). Students/individuals hopping courses with no relevant work experience will no longer be able to get lucky as far as PR for Australia is concerned.
Australia Pushing Regional Development
The Australian Government is now more concerned about the development of regional areas, as the major cities like Melbourne and Sydney are already bearing pressure of population and resources. Territories have been instructed to produce their list of requirements (in terms of professionals) which shall be filled in line with the scheme of regional development. The idea is to ease off pressure from major cities and develop the country homogeneously.
Australia Looking for Experienced Candidates
As the country is now pushing towards regional development, it is preferring experienced candidates in different niches. The list of in-demand professions has been updated and will be fulfilled territory-wise. Suitable candidates will be rewarded PR only if they fulfil the conditions of living in the regional area for a stipulated time period.
How to Get PR in Australia?
Though it is slightly more difficult to get PR in Australia now, it is suggested to individuals to shape an academic and professional career in a way that is in sync with the requirements of the country/region. If you can provide value to the country/region as a citizen from your skill-sets and experience, PR pathway is surely easy. Another point to consider is to take advice from registered PR consultants (MARA agents), as they are aware about the latest updates in the policies and will provide you the best possible guidance.
What are the alternate options?
You can even consider migrating to other countries like Canada which provides easy migration.
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